100 Years of Votes for Women

In recognition of the Women’s Suffrage Centennial,  an all-volunteer team from the WV Women Vote Coalition of Morgantown has created a  20 part series to illustrate important events in the history of WV and the USA as they relate to voting. The videos are released weekly on the Morgantown NOW Facebook page on “Timeline Tuesdays”!

The first video in the series acts as an introduction, and focuses on voting rights and restrictions in the first election after the formation of our country.
Video 2 focuses on how the 1848 Seneca Falls Convention set the stage for the fight for women’s voting rights.
Video 3 helps bring to life the debate and the arguments of the 1851 Virginia Constitutional Convention that led to all white males in Virginia getting the vote regardless of wealth.
Video 4 is the first West Virginia-specific timeline event, telling us all about the first legislative attempt at women’s suffrage in WV.
Video 5 describes the role Wyoming played in voting rights.
Video 6 discusses the 15h Amendment and how it changed voting rights in the USA.
Video 7 tells us about the beginnings of West Virginia’s struggle for the vote for women.
Video 8 focuses on the suffrage movement in West Virginia and the 10+ years of struggle attempting to gain statewide women’s voting rights.
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